How much money does a model make from webcam?

If you ream to be in the webcam modeling industry, we are here to help you. We’ll give you some tips and advices on how to have an internet modeling career and how to be a successful model:

  • Sign-up on a well-known website (Bongacams, Camgasm, Chaturbate, xLoveCash)
  • Look closely at the commission you’ll receive and how much money you’ll make performing as a webcam model from the website and ask them when they pay for webcam jobs
  • Inform yourself about what it means a webcam modeling job
  • Create an attractive account and a representative nickname
  • Make sure you have a good webcam and a nicely decorated room for your shows
  • Start playing, be relaxed, be happy!
  • Promote yourself as a webcam model on social media or adult ads networks

These are the main steps you need to take if you want to learn how to make money online and have a successful webcam modeling job. For more information, please read here. We are pleased to help you!

How much money makes a new cam model?

It all depends on which cam network you signup with and how much time you are willing to work everyday. The more hours you spend in front of a webcam the more money you will make.

How much makes regular models?

Again it all depends on how much time you put in on it, but its pretty common to hear about webcam girls making $150-$300 a day for just a couple hours of webcam work.

How much makes professional models?

Professional webcam models who work a 40 hour week spending a lot of time in front of the webcam can make up to several thousands dollars a week. Then there is always a chance you land a large spender who will fill your pockets up a lot quicker and with a lot more money.

When and how I will get paid?


Payoneer is a online payment processing company that makes getting paid simple. You just signup for a free account and they will mail you a prepaid debit-atm card that you use at any ATM to get your money out.


Many webcam companies pay via Bank Wire. All you need to get paid via bank wire is your bank account number and your banks routing number.


Paxum is another popular online payment company that sends you a Mastercard debit card. Anytime you get paid from your cam company you can use the Paxum card to go get your money out of the atm.


PayPal has been around almost 20 years. If you don’t have a PayPal account you get one free. Once you get a payment through your PayPal account you use that money online or have it sent to your bank account. They also offer The PayPal Mastercard that lets you get money in your PayPal account out at the ATM.

How to signup and start making money today?

To signup for BongaCams click here.

This is where you pick your username/password. Always pick something you remember. You’ll also need to enter your pay details, mailing address and describe what type of site-traffic you are using to promote Bongacams with. Once you finish that page you’ll be taken to a page that will ask how you want paid. You can pick from Check, Wire and Paxum as ways to get your paycheck.

Make cash as a model with camgasm

Click on Join Affiliate program now. On the next page you pick a username, password. Once you click submit you’ll be taken to page where you enter all of your payment information, address, contact info and to pick your methods of payment. Camgasm offers Direct Deposit, Wire, Check, Paxum and FirstChoice Pay

Make cash as a model with chaturbate

Click on Join Affiliate program now. It will ask you to pick a username and password. Pick something you can easily remember. On the next page it will ask you for your payment information, name, address and how you would like to receive money. You can pick from Bank Wire, Check, Direct Deposit, Paxum, First Choice and Paxum.

What do I need to get in the webcam modeling industry?

Proof of age

You need a valid photo ID and Birth Certificate to establish proof of age.


You need to have a powerful computer. Something with at least 2GB of Memory and at least a 100GB storage drive. A wireless mouse and keyboard come in handy as well, but are not required.


The highest rated webcams right now come from Logitech and can be purchased online starting at $29 with the price going up as the more higher quality image delivery.

Internet connection

You want at least a DSL Connection. Most everybody has a dsl, cable or satellite internet. For webcam purposes you need a connection that can handle a high bandwidth usage.

How you become a successful cam girl?


You should to keep your cam room light up pretty good, but not as bright as something you would expect to see in a hospital room. You want your surfers to feel comfortable in a normal common lighted setup.


I would highly recommend a Logitech HD webcam. They can be purchased for under 30$ and they deliver a high quality high definition feed to your viewers that the will love.

Internet connection

Anything above the old school Dial Up. I high recommend you have a DSL or Cable internet connection that way your clients won’t get aggravated with constant breaks in connection you see with slow Internet connections.

Comfortable and clean room

You want your viewers to feel as comfortable as they would in their own home, so having your room kept in a clean and normal fashion is a good ideal.

Something special to wear

Different people like different things so it’s a good ideal to keep a full wardrobe. Some guys like girls in a plain white tight tshirt and some like black lace lingerie. Just keep a variety of clothing on hand that way you figure out what your surfers like you in the best.

Some sexual toys to play with

Guys like girls with toys so you want to keep at least a dildo and vibrator in your webcam room at all times. If you are ok with it a lot of guys like anal beads during webcam shows so those are a option too.

Smile and good mood

Keep a good personality when you are doing a webcam modeling job. Nobody wants to cam with and send money to a girl with a bad attitude or who seems pissed off all the time. Webcam modeling jobs is about keeping it happy, go lucky and always interact with your viewers in a good way and your users will show their appreciation.

Makeup and hair

When it comes to makeup and hair a lot of guys like a lot of different things, but in the end it all comes down to what you are cozy with. Don’t cut your hair short to please 1 viewer when you really like your hair long.

Show theme, fetish, the way how you speak, pose

Being a webcam girl is like starting high school over again. You take it day by day until you are satisfied with it. You get a lot of request from guys to do certain poses or to do a certain fetish show. If it is something you are comfortable with do it and enjoy the money you make!

How to get in the webcam modeling industry? How to be a successful model? We have easy answers, just join one of the affiliate programs. If you already made your decision and want to be a cam model, there is no point in wondering how to cam. You’ll find all the necessary informations here and you’ll learn how to be a model.