Use adult affiliate programs to make money!

Use adult affiliate programs to make money online without any investments if you are teenager or a student who wants to earn pocket money. Do you have trouble in finding appropriate opportunities? We will teach you how to make money with adult affiliate programs using social media channels or a simple blog or website.

Making money online as a teenager or a student it’s easier than never! It’s easy to make money online using adult affiliate programs! Earn extra money from the coziness of your home, without having an office schedule. All you have to do is to sign up as an affiliate member of one of the following websites: Bongacams, Chaturbate, Camgasm or xLoveCash, and you will start receiving money straight into your bank account.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll have when you’ll join these programs:

  • Work from your comfortable home!
  • Make your own flexible schedule!
  • Earn easy money with less effort!
  • Choose the people you interact with!
  • Be your own boss!

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BongaCash is a very high paying program that has some of the best promotional content you will find including niche and geo ads. Very good converting promo material with a great converting end website. With BongaCash you earn up to $4.50 per FREE signup. How much you earn depends on what country your traffic signs up for. They don’t need a credit card to make a free account, but you still get paid when they do. The RevShare option of it offers you 25% lifetime which means any initial sales or recurring sales made through your affiliate link you get paid for it. If you have a user signup today, but decides to wait 6 months to spend any money you will still get 25% of everything they spend.

Signing up for
Chaturbate is easy and instant. There is no waiting process to start advertising their large webcam network. Simply fill out their form and choose which program they offer that you would like to use to promote them. You can choose from their flat $1 per free account created. With this program you earn a flat $1 for every person that fills out their form and creates a UserID. You get paid $1 per join regardless if they spend any money or not.

With their percentage program you earn 20% of all the money somebody spends after using your affiliate code. This can be pretty lucrative and a lot of times you will have what’s called a Whale signup through your affiliate code. It’s not uncommon to hear of a person spending thousands of dollars on these live webcam girls.

XLoveCash is very high paying webcam sponsor that focus on European webcams. They offer a very large number of high converting promotional tools. One big factor that sets XLoveCash aside from the others is that you can get paid whenever you want. There is no set pay period and anytime your account reaches $100 you can request payment. Program wise they offer a flat 35% of all sales for most all countries with a 30% payout on a few European countries.

Camgasm – One of the highest paying rev share programs online paying up to 40% depending on how much money in sales you generate every week. Great promo materials and a lot of surfer fiendly eye catching ads that will generate a lot more clicks for you. Their current payscale:

  • 10% for all affiliates regardless of referred sales per week.
  • 20% for affiliates who generate $2,500.00 of referred sales per week.
  • 30% for affiliates who generate $15,000.00 of referred sales per week.
  • 40% for affiliates who generate $50,000.00 of referred sales per week.

* they can change this paying scale without further notice

Promote your adult affiliate program

Juicy ads is one of the biggest adult traffic networks going right now. Billions of hits a served every week through JuicyAds. If you have a website or blog you can signup for free and actually get paid for every hit you send to them. If you are looking to buy traffic to promote your sites and sponsors you can’t go with with JuicyAds.They offer premium country traffic at a small fraction of what you would expect to pay.

ExoClick is another large adult traffic network where you can signup for free and get paid for every hit you send them. How much you earn depends on what country your traffic comes from, how many hits you send etc. It is no laid PPS or Revshare, you get paid for every single click you send regardless if they buy anything or not.

Promote your affiliate links with Social Media


Using Twitter is a great and FREE way to generate traffic. Socal media is the king of traffic. Right now sites like Twitter, Facebook etc are in the top 5 websites traffic wise of all sites online. Setup a Twitter account instantly, follow a few people and start posting pics or videos. If you get a lot of re-tweets the free traffic you get from it can be very profitable.


Tumblr is a social media type blogging platform that allows you to create your own blog for free. It works very fast and easy to upload some new pics or videos, add a few hashtags and post. If you are lucky enough to get a reblog from a fellow blogger you’ll get a ton of hits and new followers to your own blog. You can upload adult to Tumblr but they don’t really allow you to put adult sponsor banners on your blog, so it’s best to use Tumblr to feed traffic into your main site through their blog.


Adult forums are a perfect and free way of getting more traffic. There are hundreds of forums out there just go to Google and search “Adult Forums”. Once you find a forum you like just signup and start posting. Put your website link on a image for more traffic and a lot of forums let you post a picture with a link back to your site. Receive a large amount of traffic from these forums and if you do it right they do offer some SEO purposes also.

Other social networks that accept adult content

Most all mainstream social media sites like Facebook, IG, SnapChat etc allow you to post all the content you want. Facebook allows all non nude content so when you run into a social media site that only allows non nudes, simply put your link on some hot pictures that fits their rule profile. Get a ton of traffic from non nude pics just by posting to these social media sites.

Join our partners adult affiliate program and start to make money teenager! Take advantage of the internet and start to make money student! It’s an easy job and the best part is that you’ll be your own boss. You’ll achieve success and satisfaction without having to leave your house. Start making money teenager and you’ll boost your life!